As the East Kootenay's first LEED Accredited Professional, John Merritt, the  founder of Impronta, puts Energy Efficiency high in our design considerations.


That doesn't mean we blow a budget to achieve ridiculously high levels of efficiency - but we will make the most of our technical knowledge and expertise to ensure each and every one of our homes is designed with cost-effective energy efficiency in mind.


Lighting technologies are advancing at a rapid rate. We make every effort to ensure homes are at least future proof and will be able to make use of the leading technologies.

Our designs take account of the solar aspects of the site and design and consider natural lighting and shade.



Keeping abreast of the advancements in heating technologies is a tough task. We do that legwork for you and can advise in the more suitable options for each and every house design. We incorporate these considerations into our design to ensure the best bang for the buck in the heating system.

We can offer advice on the most effective insulation and will frequently adapt our designs and structural design to accommodate insulation and air tightness factors.


As homes become more air tight, the benefits of heat recovery ventilation is realised. With our long and cold winters it is important that house designs accommodate ducting and natural fenestration methods of ventilation.