There are so many building styles, shapes and colours available that it can seem a daunting task to narrow down a final look. It takes an iterative (back and forth) approach between client and designer to work towards the right design.


We pride ourselves in getting the right balance between form and function; our advanced design software and design processes ensure we capture our clients' needs and can communicate them clearly in that path to final construction drawings.


There are so many styles available that it is impossible to define one look for any one building site; mountain, timber frame hybrid, log, cabin, rancher, west coast modern, town house; each have their place.

There is a fine line between overdoing the effort to be unique and finding a harmonious style. It is too easy to create a mish-mash of styles that looks plain wrong.



Our beautiful landscape and varied topography means that every home designed in our region deserves to be custom. We consider numerous factors including site location, views, access, scale, climate and orientation when dealing with the overall shape of a home.

Sometimes there are developer guidelines to adhere and constrain, and other times bylaws or budget provide the metric.

Although we can offer a range of standard material colours to narrow the options we find that the use of experts both for the external and internal look greatly improves the finished product.

We have a number of 3rd party consultants to whom we can direct our clients to according to the house location and style.