At Impronta we focus in achieving excellent function in our building designs.


We have many years of experience in listening to our clients' needs and interpreting them into a usable efficient space that simply makes sense.



Effective use of space is a major component of balancing form and budget. We recognise the need to provide sufficient space to provide an impressive home, but we also make every effort to use that space as efficiently as possible. We are very knowledgeable in the construction costs within our region and we make every effort to match our designs to a budget.



Our materials selection are made to ensure the home matches the client's needs; some people have minimal maintenance high on their list of priorities, while others are OK with a little planned upkeep for the sake of a more natural look such as a stained cedar siding. We design our homes to ensure we accommodate the local climate and the issues surrounding snow melt, run off, shedding, solar fading etc.

A major factor within a clever house design is the usability of the space - traffic flow and layout are key to a liveable home. From deciding which way a cupboard door should open to the location of light switches and faucets, an experienced house designer is always considering effective ergonomics.


Nearly every building lot in our region has a different means of access not to mention the differing client requirements. Some clients are garage users who tend to enter via a mud room, while others park outdoors and use a common entry porch. Basement suites, lofts, hallways and gardens all need to be considered in an effective design.



We are adamant that each home should be designed according to its site specifics; we don't create rowed housing in our region and therefore every lot tends to have different views, orientation and aspect.

Liveability is a summation of all the points above; how easy is it to clean and maintain the home, does it get good sunlight, is the size about right, does the flow work? These considerations - in addition to a range of other functional spaces such as a rec room, study, library, nook, studio etc - turn a house into a liveable home.